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Taborda Solutions provides a rich, comprehensive set of enterprise technology solutions.

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Adobe Services

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and Adobe is revolutionizing how government agencies engage with ideas and information, transforming and extending government services to provide a richer, more productive, and trusted experience with constituents and agency personnel. Citizens expect government systems to work in the same modern, customer-focused way that they experience when banking, shopping or communicating. From mobile apps to smart technology, governments have the opportunity to interact with citizens in a more personalized, relevant way.

Adobe and Taborda Solutions (Taborda) deliver solutions that help government agencies make, manage, mobilize, and measure the information and experiences needed to achieve their missions.  Our solutions can provide clients with more secure business workflows, easy-to-develop forms, robust analytics, content creation and management, and intuitive collaboration and eLearning.

Taborda’s Adobe Services team specializes in:

  • Application Development
  • Content Management
  • Custom Solutions
  • Digital Signature (eSign)
  • Forms Automation (e-Forms)
  • Forms Conversion
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Mobile Strategy / Platform
  • System Integration
  • Training
  • Web Experience Design & Management

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Application Development

Application Development Services

Our Application Development Practice provides services that span the full software development life cycle — encompassing project management, business analysis; requirements definition; architecture; development, coding, infrastructure, and testing; technical writing, user experience and interface design; operations and maintenance; and, deployment, knowledge transfer, training and support services. We tackle the toughest technology problems based on the breadth and depth of our technical expertise and our ability to adapt and learn. Our strengths include mainstream technologies, such as Java and .NET applied to construct web-based enterprise applications, as well as avant-garde technologies such as Ruby/Rails, Scala, server-side JavaScript, and Elasticsearch used to solve a wide variety of problems. Whatever the technology, we strive for technical excellence.

We truly believe that a worthy technology partner should be able to adapt to the client’s business needs. We customize the software development life cycle according to those needs. Based on the Taborda Solutions Development Methodology (TSDM), Taborda develops systems using agile development methodologies as well as more traditional phase-gate methods. In all cases, we embrace change and strive to handle it gracefully through collaboration. Our customers find TSDM both pragmatic and effective.

Application Consulting Services

We provide analysis and advice to help you find and remove waste in your software development initiatives. We can help you resolve specific technical issues, like lack of system scalability or too much time spent testing manually, or advise on more complex challenges such as improving team dynamics to reduce or eliminate knowledge siloes or excessive rework. Our team of consultants will help you focus on the key improvements areas required to enhance your team’s positive outcomes, and coach you through implementation.

Our highly skilled team has the experience working together to deliver solutions that encompass all aspects of the application development lifecycle.

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Business Intelligence/ Visualization-as-a-Service

The better you understand your data and its trends, its patterns and the value it brings, the more you can understand where your organization is going in the future. Business intelligence (BI) that provides timely, reliable, consistent, and understandable data and reporting will help you make better informed decisions.

Taborda works with some of the world’s leading BI companies, including SAS, Informatica, Oracle, and Tableau, to integrate, collect and provide meaningful analysis of your data to help further your organizational competency. We do this, no matter how large the data is, across your entire enterprise.

We’ve worked across many industries and projects and can bring our extensive capabilities to your company to assist you in identifying, classifying and extracting meaningful and actionable content based on the data your organization is gathering on a daily basis.


Tableau Services

We understand that our clients often need self-service business intelligence solutions that are flexible and easy-to-use so that you can analyze data, make decisions, plan, and forecast on your own without direct IT involvement.

Tableau is easy-to-use business intelligence software used for data analysis and provides visual tools to help you see and understand your data.  The tools and interactive dashboards allow you to search, query, analyze, and visualize sets of data to generate useful business insights. Visual analytics are at the core of the Tableau experience, allowing you to ask questions and view data in meaningful ways in an effort to better understand it.

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Visualization as a Service (VaaS)

Businesses of all sizes develop a tremendous amount of internal data, but far too often this data is left to unused workbooks. VaaS utilizes the industry leader in visualization to make business intelligence faster and easier. VaaS is contained within a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure that is trusted by household names like Dow Jones and Adobe. With an easy to use drag and drop interface, the time between analysis and actionable insights is reduced for any use case.

  • Deploy your custom dashboards with a few clicks to any part of your organization or any number of customers and watch as your data is transformed before your user’s eyes
  • View your dashboards from a browser, your phone, or desktop. Wherever you go your data will always be available
  • Dashboards are easily embeddable so they look amazing and convey easily digestible information on any customer facing platform
  • Updates are automatically applied so maintenance is a thing of the past
  • Security is key, so you can rest easy knowing that your data is protected by services that comply and are enabled for FedRamp, ISO 27002, and PCI DSS standards

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Cloud/Software-as-a-Service & Platform-as-a-Service

Governments are facing serious challenges that directly affect their capabilities to deliver core services to the citizens and are continuously searching to adopt new customs and technologies that enable them to address these challenges.

Cloud platforms help reduce cost and transform the business processes, improving the flexibility and security at a large scale. With the implementation of government cloud, there is more collaboration and transparency in information sharing and data analytics capabilities between the various departments within the government sector. The innovative “as a service” solutions offered in government cloud computing is leading to a more connected government.

When considering cloud services for your application or infrastructure deployment, it is important to understand what the best approach is for moving to the cloud. Taborda Solutions’ experienced team has the knowledge and expertise required to architect, manage and deliver a cloud solution that fits each organization’s unique needs.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Collaboration and Social
  • Application Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Migration and Modernization
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Managed Services and Support

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Data Management

Organizations face mounting pressure to reduce costs while continuing to optimize data assets. You need access to high-quality, relevant data, provided in a timely and cost-effective manner.  With an effective data management initiative, you can realize significant benefits including lower operating costs, improved risk management, and reduction in costly errors.

Taborda’s Data Management Practice provides a wide variety of resale and implementation services to clients. Taborda has strategic partnerships with some of the leading vendors in the data management space including Informatica, Oracle and SAS. Based on the specifics of your environment, we develop a data management solution based on a “best of breed” approach across our product partner offerings. We provide clients with a broad set of implementation capabilities such as:

  • Data Governance
  • Data Quality and Standardization
  • Data Management
  • Master Data Management and Entity Resolution
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Integration (e.g. Extract, Transform Load)
  • Data Security / Privacy (e.g. Masking, De-identification)
  • Data Retention / Archiving

Our team has the experience to properly address a wide range of initiatives and will work with you to implement a comprehensive Data Management Solution that best meets your needs.



Enterprise Content Management

Businesses generate and process millions of paper documents a day. This massive amount of paper leads to significant storage and mailing costs, as well as valuable time wasted searching and retrieving documents. Enterprise content management (ECM) enables organizations to securely capture, exchange and manage paper as well as electronic documents, and embrace the opportunity to continually improve processes and optimize efficiency.   A strategic ECM solution can reduce storage, paper and mailing needs, make employees more productive and efficient, and result in better, more informed decision making across the enterprise—all of which reduce the overhead costs of managing information.

At Taborda, we believe that ECM software should provide one solution to capture, organize, manage, and deliver high-value business content, regardless of format, location or platform. So, whether you are managing reports, delivering monthly statements, or addressing regulatory compliance, your ECM solution provides the exact information you need, when you need it. We will work with you to determine which ECM solution is right for your organization.


IT Consulting

–Full SDLC Service Provider:

  • Business Process Reengineering
  • DevOps
  • Application Design
  • Application Development
  • Software testing

–Maintenance and Operations Provider:

  • Security administration
  • Network installation and administration
  • Database administration
  • Systems Engineering
  • Configuration management
  • Help Desk

–Enterprise Architecture:

  • SOA Design and Development
  • Business Architecture (BPM Design and Development)
  • Infrastructure Design, Development and Implementation

–Project Management Office:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Project and Process Development and Management
  • KPI/Scorecard Development and ongoing monitoring
  • Policy Development

Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is a technology-enabled discipline in which business and IT work together to ensure the accuracy, consistency and accountability of an organization’s official shared master data assets. The objective is to create a single view of business-critical data such as customers, products, prospects, citizens, and suppliers. It is the foundational information used throughout an organization to establish workflow and make key business decisions.
MDM is one of our key areas of expertise. We have developed a MDM implementation approach that incrementally builds capability through a series of iterations to deliver value quickly. Taborda assists customers with the entire implementation lifecycle of a MDM project including:
  • Multi-domain data model design
  • Data profiling and standardization rules
  • Initial conversion and data cleansing
  • Data integration including bulk (e.g. ETL) and real-time (e.g. web service interfaces) interfaces
  • Implementation of Data Steward functionality such as workflows and data survivorship rules
The creation and maintenance of accurate and complete master data has become a business imperative. Both large and small businesses must develop data-maintenance and governance processes and procedures, to obtain and maintain accurate master data. It is also essential to implement corresponding changes to business processes and controls in order to produce optimal results. We will work with you to implement a MDM plan that will provide the results you require.


Office 365

Government Framework

Taborda’s Government Portal Framework helps Government IT quickly achieve success by making the transformative technologies of Office 365 and Azure Cloud Services accessible and easy to use. Microsoft has begun enabling digital transformation for state and local governments by providing them access to innovative cloud, productivity, and business process solutions, however, up until now, Government IT has been left overwhelmed and frustrated by the sheer volume of available tools and no clear way of capitalizing on their potential. Taborda’s Government Portal Framework allows governments to improve engagement with citizens, empower employees, and optimize operations by pre-configuring many of these technologies into a comprehensive government portal that expedites the implementation while reducing the potential risk that missteps or false starts cause.

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Open Data

Organizations across the public and private sectors are actively engaging with open data; publishing and using datasets to promote innovation, development and democratic change. Government has a critical role in unleashing the potential of open data.  Enacting policies to make more data publicly accessible creates governments that are more accessible to the communities they serve. Open data fuels the kind of two-way communication that increases opportunities for the public to interact with government, while also allowing governments to maximize the value of their data. In California, State Bill 573 directs state departments to open data to the public. Open government data is important because the more accessible, discoverable and usable the data is, the more impact it can have. Some areas in which open government data is already having a positive impact includes:

  • transparency and accountability
  • civil participation
  • efficiency and cost savings
  • innovation
  • research and scientific discoveries
  • improved civic services
  • informed policy

Across all levels of government, millions of individual data records are collected, stored and analyzed. From tax returns and unemployment claims to energy use and water consumption, much of this information can be made available electronically and readily shared.

Taborda will help you implement solutions that improve the way you collect, manage, store, secure, integrate, analyze, and share data. Our open data portal solutions will help you create engaging open data portals, providing brilliant website design services to incorporate dynamic, interactive data visualizations. We help you tell a story rather than just making the data available on the web.

Taborda can develop social media marketing campaigns in conjunction with your open data websites that market the open data websites through Facebook and Twitter. Open data websites can be built to provide features that support feedback from constituencies regarding the data, what it means and what other data users need.

Governments are taking the necessary steps to develop responsible and robust open-data programs which will require having the right people, tools and systems in place in order to be an effective open data provider in a sustainable way.

Oracle Services

As an Oracle Gold Level partner, we have invested in building our Oracle service offerings. We have developed deep competencies and execution capabilities that support you through the entire lifecycle of Oracle deployments including:

  • Software license and configuration optimization
  • Software resale and procurement
  • Implementation and application development

Our Oracle team, including former Oracle staff, has supported clients with a variety of mission critical system implementations and application upgrades. We have expertise on Oracle’s breadth of solution offerings including infrastructure, applications, hardware, and cloud, with particular focus on the following Oracle technologies:

  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Oracle Identity and Access Management
  • Oracle Policy Automation
  • Application Development (Oracle ADF, Forms and Reports, APEX)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite)

By combining a solid understanding of our clients’ needs with Oracle experts possessing real-world experience, we deliver the most practical, effective and economic Oracle solutions to meet your needs.


Cloud security, cyber espionage, data loss prevention, privacy concerns, endpoint protection… these buzzwords have become commonplace in today’s IT environment, and are critical bases to cover in protecting your organization. Taborda Solutions’ IT Security Team can help!

Government agencies and corporations are faced with constantly evolving cyber threats against their infrastructure and data. As these attacks become increasingly sophisticated, organizations are seeking the subject-matter expertise of Taborda Solutions and our eco-system of partners to mitigate risk and secure their IT environments.

Effective security initiatives incorporate technologies, policies and procedures into one cohesive architecture and plan. No collection of products alone will solve all information security issues faced.

Contact Taborda today and let us help you cover these critical bases!

Taborda Solutions’ comprehensive IT security portfolio includes both products and services for:

  • Security and Vulnerability Management (SVM)
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Endpoint Security
  • Network Security
  • Operating System Security
  • Application Security
  • Internet Security
  • Cyber Security


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SharePoint Services

SharePoint Services

Microsoft SharePoint is a robust and versatile platform used by organizations in both the public and private sectors. SharePoint streamlines information and significantly enhances collaboration, efficiency and productivity. However, without proper support and guidance—navigating the process of transitioning to SharePoint, customizing it for your organization’s specific needs, and maintaining the system—it can be challenging.

Our SharePoint consulting services range from basic configuration and deployment to developing enterprise SharePoint portals that integrate with multiple disparate applications. Our highly experienced and agile team leverages broad and in-depth knowledge of SharePoint and related technologies to deliver solutions that align with your business requirements and support your vision for the future. We recognize that every client has its own unique set of business requirements and challenges. We are dedicated to working collaboratively with our clients to deliver individually tailored SharePoint services that meet your exact SharePoint and business needs.

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